Suffolk Mind

Who The Client Is…

Part of the national charity, Mind, Suffolk Mind operate a series of supported living homes and shared accommodation for people suffering with a wide range of mental health disorders. They also provide counselling and therapy services at walk in centres around Suffolk.

The Challenge

Many of the services users have challenging behaviours and experience difficulties within their lives. However, physical violence is not a frequent challenge the staff have.

They needed a training solution that provided a range of physical skills relatable to the specific services the staff work within. They also needed a focus on the staff’s use of force and the legal implications should they need to defend themselves, as well as conflict management and de-escalation.

Our Approach

To best provide a solution that met the clients needs we developed a training programme taking aspects from all our theory topics and created a bespoke presentation with a focus on types of aggression and how to analyse behaviour.

For the physical aspect we adopted a process of learner involvement, by teaching the specific techniques needed by the staff attending the course based on discussions held throughout the day.


Feedback from courses has always proved very positive, with learners being very happy about the bespoke nature of the training and it being based around their specific services. Learners also feedback how useful the theory session is in helping them to better understand their service user’s difficulties and problematic behaviours.