Independent Lives Norfolk

Who The Client Is…

Independent Lives Norfolk in Bawburgh operate a small day service for people with learning disabilities. They provide a range of therapeutic and leisure activities that their service user would not always have easy access to.

As the company has grown they have developed specialist challenging behaviour day respite units for people whose behaviours put people at risk, designed to prevent the service users being sectioned under the Mental Health Act.

The Challenge

The service needed a form for personal safety and physical intervention training that puts the services at the centre of their behaviour, that did not encompass any kind of pain compliance, The training needed to educate staff not only physical skills but also in understanding behaviour and how to reduce restrictive practice.

Our Approach

We worked with the client to shape a training solution suitable for the service users they are working with. As the individuals they work with in the different units have very different needs we developed specific programmes for the staff assigned to each unit.

Due to the success of our work with the client, they hired us to provide further training, and to date we have delivered First Aid course and Level 3 Safeguarding of Children and Vulnerable Adults as an OFQUAL regulated qualification.


The training has been very well received by all staff that attended, and as they continue to use our services have seen reductions in challenging behaviour across their services. With one individual in particular this has been life changing, and has avoided being sectioned. He has experienced an enormous quality of life improvement due to the training the staff received and he is now able to access more of the community that ever before with staff knowing how they they can safely manage his behaviours when out and about.