Equality & Diversity Policy

MVA Training Ltd believe in the fair and just treatment of all people. This policy sets out we support the equality and diversity of our customers, learners and people we work with on all levels.

1. introduction

1.1 It is the aim of MVA Training Ltd that everyone who works with, for an on behalf of Us should be offered equal opportunities within all aspects of our business operation and service delivery.

1.2 There shall be no discrimination, direct or otherwise, of sexuality, gender, gender identification, religion or belief, nationality, disability of mind or body, age, parenthood, marital status or other characteristic.

1.3 Any person working for, with or on behalf of MVA Training Ltd has a moral obligation to uphold the standards of the company and this policy.

2. equal opportunities

2.1 To foster an environment of equal opportunities MVA Training Ltd will, as far as reasonably practicable:

2.1.1 Ensure that all persons our business operations engage us with are treated respectfully and without judgement.

2.1.2 Support those on our courses where learning or physical needs are identified.

2.1.3 Provide clear equality and diversity notices in communications.

2.1.4 Ensure all those that work for, with and on behalf of Us are informed of their obligations under this policy.

2.1.5 Ensure this policy is instigated on every level of our business operations, including trainers and management.

2.1.6 Make efforts to ensure that every facility required by a person is freely available at times of need.

2.1.7 Require trainers to make assessments based on the learner’s knowledge and competence in the course or qualification pursuant to the MVA Training Ltd Standards.

3. monitoring

3.1 This policy reflects the requirements of current legislation including the Equality Act 2010.

3.2 As part of our monitoring processes we will collect information regarding diversity, requests for special considerations, access arrangements and feedback from Learners, approved Trainer/Assessors and other stakeholders.

3.3 Issues arising that indicate our policy, actions, processes or procedures have an unnecessary impact on learners should be reported to the course trainer and feedback to a company Director to make changes where appropriate to our policy, actions, processes or procedures.

3.4 Details of the outcomes of each review will be made available to the qualification regulators upon request.

4. complaints

4.1 Any person affected by the operation of MVA Training Ltd has the right to make a complaint regarding the conduct, actions or processes of those working for, with, or on behalf of the Company.

4.2 Any complaints will be handled under the Complaints, Appeals and Reviews Policy.

4.3 Any complaints will be handled seriously and in confidence, with respect to the complainant and those affected by the complaint.

5. contact

5.1 MVA Training Ltd can be contacted on 01508 218017 or complaints@mvatraining.co.uk

5.2 NUCO Training can be contacted on 03456 444999, or enquiries@nucotraining.com

5.3 FAA can be contacted on 03458 333999, or enquiries@firstaidawards.com

5.4 The GSA can be contacted at http://thegsa.co.uk/Home/Contact

Ash Bullman, Managing Director

Equality Diversity Policy – Download Here