GSA Breakaway & Personal Safety Training

This course will enable staff to understand their own personal safety within the workplace. This will happen through the use of personal safety physical skills and underpinning knowledge of the law and the right to use force.

Our Breakaway & Personal Safety training is provided under the GSA model and is widely recognised as one of the best frameworks for workplace personal safety.

Protect your staff and business with our GSA model Breakaway & Personal Safety training programme. Delivered as a 1-day programme this course will give your staff both the knowledge about the law and protecting themselves as well as the physical skills to keep themselves safe in hostile and aggressive situations.

Our techniques are based on a pain-free approach to personal safety, respecting the care environment in which they are used.

We believe that whilst staff safety is of the utmost importance when working with children or adults with behavioural disturbances, maintaining a therapeutic relationship should remain at the centre of behaviour management.

This is why we will develop your bespoke training programme based on the level and type of breakaway techniques may be necessary for your staff, rather than providing a ‘one course fits all’ approach that some providers offer.

Breakaway & Personal Safety Courses Norfolk & SuffolkBased in Norfolk, we can deliver PMVA training to your organisation throughout the UK.

Our PMVA tutors are fully qualified GSA trainers and have over a decade experience in both the use of the training in secure services and in teaching the subject, using real experiences and underpinning knowledge to embed the learning.


Course Duration
1 Day

Refresher Period

This course is certificated

About This Training Course

The identified aims of our Breakaway & Personal Safety course are:

To promote best practice in managing aggressive behaviour when it presents itself within a workplace environment.
To provide clarity on the law and your own personal safety both inside and outside of the workplace.
To ensure a person centric approach to behaviour management when applying the techniques learnt within this course.
To provide a set of skills to allow learners to breakaway from physical attack.

The objectives of this course are:

To understand your legal rights relating to interventions, knowing what laws protect you within your workplace and within a public surrounding.
Be able to balance professional responsibilities with personal safety and make dynamic risk assessments when using force.
To understand what ‘reasonable force’ is within day to day life.
Report and record incidents effectively using whatever tools and documents available within the workplace.
Be able to breakaway from a variety of assaults with skills relevant to the work environment.

This course cover the following topics:

Core skills include:
Wrist Grabs
Clothing Grabs
Release from Hair Pull
Strangles and Headlocks
Bites and Scratches
Kicks and Punches

Advanced skills include:
Release from bear hugs
Assisting staff from hair pulls
Assisting staff from bites
Floor-based breakaways

This course is normally delivered between the hours of 09:30 – 16:30.

Learners are assessed through observational assessments as they progress through the skills.

The course is normally delivered as a certificated course.

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    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

    Breakaway training is a set of physical skills backed by underpinning knowledge that can help a person remain safe in a one to one situation with an aggressive person. The skills employ pain-free mechanisms to enable to safe escape from a variety of attacks and grabs. The underpinning knowledge focuses on the legal framework supporting individuals at risk.

    We take a very serious approach to the prevention of abusive practice when managing violent and aggressive behaviour.
    Our training is based on a set of skills designed not to cause pain, and which puts the individual at the centre of the incident.

    If you would like to book this course, please contact: 01508 218 017

    We can deliver our breakaway and (PMVA) courses across Norfolk and Suffolk at your venue or a venue of ours (fees may apply). For events further afield, please call to discuss how we can help!

    The GSA is our regulatory body governing our breakaway’s and Physical Intervention Training. The GSA set the standards by which we must deliver our courses in the Management of Violence and Aggression (or PMVA, PMA and MOVA as it is sometimes called).